Most Valuable Unit Leader

Raven District wishes to recognize a leader from each unit who has contributed outstanding service to that unit. Only one leader per unit will be recognized. 

Each unit should choose one person who they wish to be recognized. The only requirements are:

• They must have rendered service “above and beyond the call of duty” to their unit during the year, and
• They must be a registered Scouter in your unit.

All nominations will be kept confidential until further notice. Please nominate only ONE person from your unit. However, if your unit wishes to keep it a surprise, everyone can submit a completed form and the award committee will tally the votes. All nominations are final and cannot be changed once they have been submitted. Honorees are selected by the district awards committee and presented at the annual Raven District Dinner.

Nomination Form



Please briefly describe those qualities of performances that influence the selection of this candidate by your unit.