Raven District was first founded shortly after World War II, and just prior to the 1950’s. Most of the houses in many areas of east and south Houston were built for soldiers and their families as they were returning from war or serving out their terms or being released from service sometime later. With new families came new growing children, and with young boys entering the grade schools the opportunity and desire for Scouting was quickly noticed by the Sam Houston Area Council.

By and large, Raven District was one of the very last districts formed within our council and served the limited number of schools in existence at that time. Since those days we have grown to serve no less than six school districts. Currently, Scouting serves youth in Barbers Hill, Galena Park, Sheldon, Crosby, Channelview and Goose Creek CISD school districts, as well as other schools within our district which is more than any other district within our council.

Our history is rich, and one of our best examples is Unit 1301 family which has been active for 70+ years. In its’ earliest days, J.P. White was their leader for 40 years. Also, in those early days of our council, it must be pointed out that we had no council camps as we do today. With Mr. White recognizing the need for such a camp for boys and working with the council, he founded Camp J.P. White, which was located by all accounts somewhere near what is now the Houston ship channel not far from the Washburn Tunnel area. The camp was named after him because he funded the camp operations for many years.

Upon Mr. White’s death, his will did not include an endowment to support the future of the camp, and eventually due to lack of funding from council, or any other sources, the camp eventually had to be closed. Some years later, in memory of Mr. White, Sam Houston Area Council created a special event area site in the now closed Camp Strake. This was known as J.P. White camporee site. We hope that all named sites and buildings from old Strake will transfer to the new camp when it opens in 2019, and a new generation, as well as currents Scouts can enjoy the J.P. White Camporee site once again.

Currently within Raven District, we celebrate and honor this man who gave most of his life to Scouting, our council and to Raven District, by honoring one Raven volunteer Scouter from our district every year with a special award appropriately named after him. The J.P. White Lifetime Achievement Award which is presented annually at our District Dinner

Raven District Awards

Raven District recognizes registered Scouters for service to youth in the district. Awards are present at the annual Raven District Dinner.

Silver Beaver Award

The Silver Beaver Award is given to individuals who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given to the council. The Silver Beaver award is the highest form of recognition that a local council can bestow on a volunteer. Recipients are selected based on their noteworthy service to the Scouting program and community service.  The Silver Beaver recipients are recognized at the SHAC Recognition Reception in October.

Year       Honoree
1955       Elo Veselka
1958       J.P. White
1972       Mrs. Elo Veselka
1985       William Goforth
1989       Joyce Goforth
1990       Eloy Valdes
1991       Janet H. Valdes
2001       Orlin Bergh
2002       Ginny Boucher
2011       Greg Carr
2011       Jana Mayfield
2012       Hazel Buck
2013       Clarence Buck
2013       Robert Fierro
2014       Roy Green
2014       Donna Bernelle
2014       Carl Privette
2015       James Beesley
2015       Brian Bernelle
2015       Jose Duarte
2015       Sandra Green
2015       Jeffery Minson
2016       Will Repman
2017       Kelley Whitehead Sr.
2017       Angie Repman
2020       David Proctor
2020       Valerie Richardson
2020       Aurelia Zapata


Raven District Award of Merit

The District Award of Merit is awarded by a district to registered Scouters for service to youth in the district. This is a council-sponsored award that is the highest honor that a district can bestow upon one of its Scouters. Limited to one award for every 25 units in the district.  The nominee must be a registered Scouter and must have rendered noteworthy service to Scouts over an extended time. The nature and value of "noteworthy service" may consist of a single plan or action that contributed vitally to the lives of large numbers of youth or it may have been given to a small group over an extended period of time to youth in and outside of Scouting. The recipient receives a plaque, signed certificate, and official knot badge and the Raven District Recognition Dinner.

Year Name                
Unknown Barney Stinger 1991 Mike Callahan 1999 Denise Ames 2007 Mark Stanforth 2015 Will Repman
Unknown Eloy Valdes 1991 Donna Bernelle 1999 Olin Bergh 2008 Carl Privette 2016 DL Canada
Unknown Larry French 1992 Jim Berry 2000 Jana Mayfield 2008 Dr. Charles Grant 2016 Robert Fierro
Unknown Carl Franch 1992 Mary Bogan 2000 Ricky Fuselier 2009 Erin Bertrum 2017 Gina Hullum
Unknown Vernon Stewart 1993 Marie Berry 2000 Tracy Scannell 2010 Angie Broussard 2017 Kelley Whitehead
Unknown Pauline Ewing 1993 Wendy Callahan 2001 Jack Flynn 2010 Greg Carr 2018 Valerie Richardson
Unknown Mary Ann McCarthy 1994 Karen DeLoss 2001 Ginny Boucher 2009 Erin Bertrum 2018 Aurelia Zapata
Unknown Stella Bennett 1994 Rodney DeLoss 2001 Charlie Murrell 2010 Angie Broussard 2019 Ronnie Zapata
Unknown Cecil Mconnell 1994 Regina Spradlin 2001 Jack Flynn 2010 Greg Carr 2019 Jillian Vondenstein
Unknown Mike Weinman 1995 Janice Roberts 2001 Ginny Boucher 2011 Brian Bernelle    
Unknown Bill Goforth 1995 Debbie Stanley 2001 Charlie Murrell 2011 Jose Duarte    
Unknown Mike McCarthy 1996 Dawn Berger 2002 Angela Harrison 2011 Rita Willoughby    
Unknown Woody Carter 1996 Jamie Berger 2002 Steve Scannell 2012 Hazel Buck    
Unknown Shirle Szepsi 1997 Sonny Rhodes 2003 Jim Lightbody 2012 Clarence Buck    
Unknown J.P. White 1997 Kathy Seydler 2003 Jerri Murrell 2013 Angie Repman    
Unknown Debbie Moses 1997 Mike Beard 2004 Barbara Boman 2013 Roy Green    
Unknown Cathy Graham 1998 Dan Omtvedt 2004 Laura Doty 2013 Jim Beesley    
Unknown Janet Valdes 1998 Joe Alamia 2005 Marie Brumfield 2014 Sandra Green    
1991 Sue Jones 1998 John Weems 2005 Veronica Reyes 2014 Jeff Minson    
1991 David Eckerman 1999 Felix Munos 2007 Travis Smith 2015 Lori Henderson    

Raven District Award Recipients

Family of the Year Award Recipients J.P. White Lifetime Achievement Award James E West Society Members
Year Name        
1991 Eloy and Janet Valdes 1999 Clarence Sr. and  Hazel Buck 2010 Thomas A. Anders
1992 Jim and Marie Beery 2000 Bill and Joyce Goforth 2010 Greg Carr
1993 Leonard and Sue Jones 2001 Eloy and Janet Valdes 2010 Eloy Valdes
1993 Mike and Wendy Callahan 2002 Jim and Marie Berry 2011 Donna Bernelle
1994 Rodney and Karen DeLoss 2003 Woody and May Jo Carte 2011 Janet Valdes
1995 Jamie and Dawn Berger 2004 Steve and Tracy Scannell 2012 Jana Mayfield
1996 Dan and Cheryl Omtvedt 2005 Conny and Jerry Harrison 2013 Carl Privette
1996 Sonny and Jaycene Rhodes 2008 Carl Privette 2014 Roy and Sandra Green
1997 Bryan and Cindy Barney 2009 Jana Mayfield 2015 Jose Duarte
1998 Jody and Kathy Seydler 2010 Marie Brumfield 2015 Kelley Whitehead
1999 Ricky and Phyllis Fuslier 2011 Donna Bernelle    
1999 Steve and Tracy Scannell 2012 Greg Carr    
2000 Allen and Ginny Boucher 2013 Jim Beesley    
2001 Charlie and Terri Murrell 2014 Roy Green    
2002 Marie Brumfield family 2015 Jeff Minson    
2002 Veronica Reyes family 2016 Angie & Will Repman    
2003 Barbara Bowman family 2017 Shawn Northrup    
2004 Mark and Jana Mayfield 2018 Rufus Pearson    
2005 Margaret and Ben Hunter        
2009 Marie Brumfield family        
2009 Erin Bertram family        
2010 Angie & Marcus Broussard        
2011 Jose Duarte family        
2012 Angie & Will Repman        
2012 Sandra & Roy Green        
2013 Gina Hullum family        
2013 Veronica & Roger Tijerina        
2014 Jeff Minson family        
2015 Samantha West family        
2016 Clemmons Family        
2016 Fullbright Family        
2016 Samantha West family        
2017 Liska-Womack Family        
2018 Valerie Richardson family        
2019 Karen Hattaway family